The task under taken is to make the institute a role model in pharmacy education and training. To achieve this goal efforts are being made to Sharpe the career of students with good laboratory facilities. Communication skills, social acumen, active caliber and academic excellence. I personally believe in dreaming big & put my efforts to make it a reality.
The attempts will be made to choose the best regular and committed faculty and expose the students to the guest faculty from time to give them the flair of professionalism. The teacher is the one who makes you thirsty & best teacher will not give you water & will put you on right path of seeking answer to queries.
The relation of student, parent and teacher is compared with seed, soil and garden respectively. It the seed is healthy & soil is fertile, the job of teacher becomes easy. If the students are well behaved, hail from good families, the task of a teacher is simpler and he can give his best. We will put all our efforts to shape the campus, there after they shape us. I strongly believe that behavior is a function of the interaction between person & their environment.
Improvement and progress go hand in hand to build the institutions with strong foundation with faculty & students. The highest illiteracy of the india needs to make a beginning towards literacy. Feel free to contact me if you have innovative idea for the program of our institution.